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Effective Teaching with Technology Series



Full program description

Format: Series of self-paced offerings
Level: Basic-Intermediate
Department: Learning and Teaching Services
Credit: Multiple Digital Credential (Badges)
If you are a UM System employee, do not create a new registration account. You will have the option to enroll with your UM System credentials.
Each training in this series is self-paced and hosts a multitude of resources, examples and opportunities to apply your learning. Demonstrating mastery of all competencies in the series to earn the Effective Teaching with Technology badge. 

Included Courses:
In this self-paced course, we've organized content into four short, but dense, modules. For each topic, you'll find a list of basic competencies, lesson content delivered through text, videos and images, several core resources, and additional resources for a deeper dive into each topic.
Module topics include:
    • Why is Learning science important?
    • What do you need to know about brain science?
    • What do you need to know about mind science?
    • How do I apply learning science to my programs?
This competency-based training covers our four most commonlly leveraged educational technologies: Zoom, PowerPoint, Panopto and Canvas. For each tool, you will find carefully curated resources that include links to core trainings, and a list of basic competencies with targeted resources for each. An assessment to gauge your knowledge followed by a Demonstrate Your Mastery assignment. A digital credential will be awarded for successful mastery of each tool.
In this self-paced course, students will successfully demonstrate competencies that align with the Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning by:
  • defining multimedia,
  • identifying three core assumptions of multimedia learning theory,
  • identifying three types of cognitive processing/load,
  • providing instructional design strategies for each of the three types of cognitive load,
  • and describing Mayer's dual channel theory.
This self-paced training will begin by building your knowledge of the meaning and intent behind active learning, engaged students and inclusive teaching. From there, we'll introduce a broad range of principles and strategies applicable to online, blended and face-to-face programs. Lastly, we'll introduce technologies you can leverage to facilitate active learning, to engage students and incorporate inclusive teaching strategies into your programs.

Jessica Gordon, PhD 

Office of Education and Impact

Effective Teaching with Technology  Digital Credential (badge)

MU Extension faculty