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The Science of Teaching and Learning



Full course description

Format: Self-paced online course
Level: Basic-intermediate
Department: Learning and Teaching Services
Credit: Digital Credential (Badge)
Keywords: evidence-based, learning science, cognitive psychology, neuroplasticity, recall, behavioral psychology, MBE, neuromyth, neuron, memory
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Course Overview:
This is a self-paced, structured course. Modules are completed in sequence and there are multiple quizzes and assignments. 
The course goal is to develop a strong learning science knowledge foundation to deepen your understanding of the "how" and "why" of evidence-based teaching strategies. We'll conclude this course by introducing evidence-based instructional strategies you can build into your programs; strategies that align with mind, brain and education science and are supported by research. 

Module topics include:
Why is Learning science important?
What do you need to know about brain science?
What do you need to know about mind science?
How do I apply learning science to my programs?

Jessica Gordon, PhD

This is a self-paced, structured course with multiple graded activities.

Learning and Teaching Services
University of Missouri Extension

The Learning Science badge is awarded after successfully demonstrating mastery of all course competencies.

MU Extension faculty

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