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Missouri Master Gardener Online Core Training 2023FS

Ended Dec 30, 2023

Sorry! The enrollment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full course description

Course Overview:
This 15-week course is designed to provide students with the horticultural knowledge needed to become a Master Gardener volunteer on behalf of University of Missouri Extension. Master Gardeners provide research-based information to the public on matters pertaining to horticulture and environmental preservation. Additionally, the course will benefit anyone seeking broad-based knowledge related to horticulture and gardening. Aligned with the University of Missouri's semester calendar, students cover one chapter each week of the course.

Course Materials:
The manual for this course is the Missouri Master Gardener ManualLinks to an external site..  You can download this manual for free to your computer or to print as a PDF, chapter by chapter. There are 14 chapters in all, MG1-MG14, listed under chapters. If you prefer a hardcopy that is prepared for you and shipped to your address, click the Add to Cart button at the top right of the page and complete your order at an additional cost. 

Learning Outcomes:
- To understand the mission of the Missouri Master Gardener Program and how it functions.
- To acquire a working knowledge of the fundamental principles of plant growth and development.
- To apply concepts of plant growth and development to everyday situations and uses in horticulture.
- To learn basic terminology associated with the art and science of horticulture.
- To gain an appreciation of horticulture as a life-long pursuit.

Written at an introductory level, this course provides a foundation in plant structure and function; soils and plant nutrition; plant propagation; fruits; vegetables; herbaceous and woody plants; entomology; pruning; plant pathology; landscape design; lawns; pesticides usage and the policies of the Master Gardener program.

Dr. David Trinklein and Sarah Denkler

15 Weeks

Division of Plant Sciences, University of Missouri Extension



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