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Quick-Guide to Instructional Video Design is a Course

Quick-Guide to Instructional Video Design



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Course Introduction:
A common factor in in education today is that we must examine instruction from both a technology and a teaching and learning perspective. We’ll start by looking at our 6-step video development process, focused on the technical aspects of video development with tips and tools for every step. Then, in Module 2, we'll get theoretical and examine effective teaching and learning with videos. Lastly, we'll explore transitioning an existing PowerPoint to video.


We created this course to to get you up to speed creating effective instructional videos.  This course isn't designed to make you an expert. We've focused on a video development framework that is both a process and a way of thinking about your videos. When you're ready to get started:

  • You choose what content to access now.
  • You can return anytime and dig deeper. 
  • We've included information especially to help you convert existing PowerPoints to video.
  • As a bonus - get valuable feedback while developing your first video!

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