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MU Extension Course Quality by Design



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Format: Resource Hub
Level: Intermediate
Audience: Instructors developing new and revising existing online courses
Department: Learning and Teaching Services
Keywords: student support, interaction, engagement, accessibility, structure, continuous improvement, review, QCR
If you are a UM System employee, do not create a new registration account. You will have the option to enroll with your UM System credentials.
This resource hub is a repository of materials, references and tools for independent exploration and learning.  This site offers a flexible and unstructured learning experience, allowing you to navigate the content at your own pace and explore diverse topics without the constraints of prerequisites or a prescribed sequence. This format encourages self-directed learning, enabling you to delve into the material based on your needs.

This site is a resource and guide to help you implement MU Extension's online course continuous improvement process.  Your first time using our Course Quality Review process, consider the QCR something to aspire to, not a judgement on your existing course or a barrier to offering your course.

Here, you'll find information and resources to support Quality Course Reviews, the foundation of online course continuous improvement. There are several ways to leverage our Quality Course Review (QCR) form and resources.

  • Use the form and this site during online course development to build quality into your course.
  • Conduct a self-review of your course.
  • Request Learning and Teaching Services or peer conduct a QCR and work with you to revise your course. 

The site is organized by Course Quality Principles and contains a host of resources associated with each principle.
Principle 1: Initial Student Experience
Principle 2: Interaction and Engagement
Principle 3: Alignment
Principle 4: Technology, Support, Accessibility
Principle 5: Course Structure

Jessica Gordon, curriculum consultant

MU Extension Learning and Teaching Services

Anyone developing or teaching an online course.

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