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Digital Accessibility Compliance



Full course description

Format: Self-paced training
Level: Basic
Credit: Multiple Digital Credentials (badges) 
Keywords: digital accessibility, compliance, skill development
UM System employees: Please note that you do not need to create a new registration account. You will have the option to enroll with your UM System credentials.
Course Overview:

In Module 1, you'll develop empathy for the disabling impact and frustration people experience when digital accessibility has not been incorporated into content design.

In the second module, you will develop your understanding of the breadth and scope of digital accommodation needs in our diverse population of learners. We’ll delve into the basic principles of digital accessibility that have broad application across a wide range of technologies, document and media formats. You'll find before and after examples, carefully curated resources, and tips to start incorporating accessibility into your daily work.

The remaining modules cover MU Extension's most common digital media and communication formats:

  • Online courses
  • Live webinars, video and audio recordings,
  • Presentations
  • Documents and files
  • Email and social media

For each topic, you'll find

  • a list of basic competencies with associated resources,
  • available trainings,
  • additional resources for a deeper dive into each topic
  • a formative assessment to help you gauge your knowledge and readiness to move to the  assignment, and  
  • a summative assignment to demonstrate your mastery of each tool.

Jessica Gordon, PhD

This is a self-paced traing. You may complete the modules in any order based on your needs and interest. 

Learning and Teaching Services
University of Missouri Extension

A milestone badge is awarded for each topic. The Digital Accessibility Compliance badge is awarded after successfully demonstrating mastery of all course competencies and earning all milestone badges.

MU Extension faculty and staff

University of Missouri Extension complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. If you have a disability and need accommodations in connection with participation in an educational program or you need materials in an alternate format, please notify your instructor as soon as possible so that necessary arrangements can be made.

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