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Getting Started with Canvas for Students



Full course description

Format: Resource Hub
Level: Basic
Prerequisites: None
Department: MU Extension Learning and Teaching Services
Audience: Online course students new to Canvas LMS
Notifications, navigation, discussions, groups, synchronous, Zoom

If you are a UM System employee, do not create a new registration account. You will have the option to enroll with your UM System credentials.

This resource hub is a repository of materials, references and tools for independent exploration and learning.  This site offers a flexible and unstructured learning experience, allowing you to navigate the content at your own pace and explore diverse topics without the constraints of prerequisites or a prescribed sequence. This format encourages self-directed learning, enabling you to delve into the material based on your needs.

Topics include:

  • How to navigate a Canvas course.
  • Where to find help and resources.
  • How to personlize your online learning experience.
  • Resources and how-to for live Zoom session. 
  • How to participate in groups and discussions.

And so much more!

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