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Emergency Services Leadership 01012022 is a Course

Emergency Services Leadership 01012022

Time limit: 60 days
4.8 credits

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Full course description

Course Introduction:
This course is designed for students seeking to effectively lead modern public safety organizations and the various components within them. Individuals must possess a solid understanding of the always-changing issues that face fire and emergency medical services.

Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to apply human resource policies and procedures; recommend action for member-related problems and procedures; select and implement the appropriate disciplinary action based upon the employee's conduct; assign tasks or responsibilities to unit members; coordinate the completion of assigned tasks and projects by

Module Topics:

Topics of this course include

  • management and leadership of EMS operations;
  • budgeting financial strategies,
  • hiring, diversity, training, education, and
  • firefighter safety.

Value-added topics in this course will include the psychology of leadership and managing confrontations.

Michael Lloyd

48 hours

MU Fire and Rescue Training Institute


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