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Purchasing and Supply Management 2023FS

Ended Dec 15, 2023
4.5 CEUs

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Full course description

Course Overview:
This course focuses on the practical aspects of purchasing and supply management, and discusses the linkages to logistics/distribution, to manufacturing, and to service company environments like hospitals, banks, and retailers.  We will also address the role of Purchasing and Supply Management in strategic and operational contexts of the enterprise. We will also compare and contrast healthcare procurement from other service businesses and industries.

Learning Outcomes:
At the end of the course, the student will be able to:
  • Understand key issues and developments and leading trends in purchasing and supply chain management in both service and industrial applications from current literature;
  • Develop a conceptual framework to better understand purchasing and supply chain management’s total potential contributions to the competitiveness of the business enterprise;
  • Develop supply chain strategy and demonstrate an understanding of the importance of strategy in purchasing, new product development, negotiations and supply chain management;
  • Understand and use some of the “basic tools” of effective purchasing and supply chain management in actual practice;
  • Have better technical writing and presentation skills through the development of a team research project as described herein;
  • Understand and appreciate (in broad terms), the use of information technology in supply chain management;
  • Develop a basic negotiation strategy and execute it; and 
  • Articulate the importance of sourcing environmentally preferred purchasing (EPP) products.

Some of the key areas that will be covered include:
  • Strategic supply chain management and the role of the supply chain in an organization;
  • Supply chain relations with other departments using teamwork;
  • The growing use of alliances, shared service organizations, group purchasing and electronic commerce;
  • The aspects of proper terms and conditions as part of the procurement process;
  • Differences in capital equipment acquisition and gaining favorable terms;
  • Strategic Cost Analysis/Management
  • The process and techniques of negotiation in supplier relationships;
  • Supplier evaluation;
  • Developing and writing specifications;
  • Purchasing services and how it differs from products and capital equipment;
  • Ethics and social responsibility in the procurement function;
  • Contract management; and
  • The use of Information Technology in supply chain management;

Anthony Ross, PhD.


Management Department

Non-credit, 4.5 continuing education units

Adult Learners

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