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Advanced Oral French for Teachers 2023FS

Ended Dec 15, 2023
4.5 CEUs

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Full course description

Course Overview:
This course aims to renew or strengthen participant's spoken French, with an emphasis on pronunciation, syntactical accuracy, and vocabulary expansion. 
While the course welcomes any intermediate-advanced learner of French wishing to further enhance their command of the language, many participants will be pre-service teachers of French and in-service educators seeking continued education. 
This synchronous online course will be taught at 5 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday of each week from August 21 through December 15.  Cohort participation is important. 

Course Materials:
The following materials are required:
- Édito B2 : Méthode de français (4th ed.), Didier, ISBN : 9782278103669 
- Édito B2 : Cahier d’activités (4th ed.), Didier, ISBN : 9782278103676

Learning Outcomes:
Coursework will include the discussion of a wide array of cultural topics of import in the francophone world, a targeted review of
advanced French grammar, and training in pronunciation, with an emphasis on rhythm, accentuation, and intonation.
Successful participants can expect to express themselves in French with a rich, more precise vocabulary, accurate syntax, and more confident, fluid pronunciation.

Unité 1  La nature et l’écologie
Unité 2: Les tendances et la consommation
Unité 3: Les études et le travail
Unité 4: La technologie
Unité 5: L’histoire
Unité 6: Le voyage
Unité 7: L’actualité
Unité 8: La santé
Unité 9: La solidarité
Unité 10: La langue française
Unité 11: L’avenir
Unité 12: L’art et l’esthétique

Myles Freborg


College of Arts & Sciences /  School of Languages, Literatures & Cultures

Non-Credit/ 4.5 Continuing Education Units or 45 Hours Available 

Educators with high-intermediate or greater French language proficiency

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